In-depth strategies

to solidify your BRAND

Proven ways to MARKET

to your customers

Comprehensive LOGISTICS

designed to bring it all together

Three-pronged APPROACH

to brand, marketing, & logistics.

-a unique full service marketing group that blends

high-level creativity with production expertise and efficiency,

giving you the best solutions to grow your business.

We are a collection of talented right brain (creative) and left brain (technical) thinkers and doers, committed to the business of branding, marketing, and logistics. 

CMFI is a supplier of Under Armour corporate apparel in Central Illinois. Contact Us.

What We Do

FOR OVER 40 YEARS, we have built our business on successful, long-term relationships. And because we build successful relationships, along the way an interesting business model emerged – one where we understand that our clients need more than just an agency or a marketing firm, they need a partner. 

Established in 1975 

The Way We Work

THREE OVER-ARCHING SERVICE categories. They’re an integral part of our name. They sum up everything we do. They define us. So for the record, we’d like to define them. Learn more about the capabilities we offer within each category. 

The Way We Think

Despite the fact that we have no neurosurgeons on staff, we feel eminently qualified to discuss the inner workings of the brain. That’s because our very existence depends on teams of individuals who bring both sides of the “gray matter” to the table. Or to the party. Or to wherever you’d like to meet. 

We work strategically, certainly, but always COLLABORATIVELY with our clients – and that has led to understanding their entire business, from front office to back office, and how we can best meet all those needs. 


Leadership Team




With over 40 years experience, Dave has been a driving force at CMFI Group since 1984. Strong on strategy and numbers, he’s also a big picture thinker who is sharp on creative ideas.



Joe first joined CMFI Group’s team in 1994. His 20+ years of unlimited strategic thinking with brand and marketing focus has earned CMFI many local and regional awards.



Erika joined CMFI in1995 after graduating from U of I with an accounting degree. Her responsibilities include HR, IT and leading our Accounting and Client Connection teams.



Steve has been a part of our logistics team since 1996. In 2000, he became Manager, overseeing the daily operations working directly with Fulfillment, Production and Direct Mail staff.


CMFI provides more services under one roof than any other marketing communications firm; with seamless, centralized control over all of your projects.