Logistics is a clear area of performance that sets CMFI Group apart from our competition.
Once your strategies and programs are in place, you want them executed efficiently and effectively.
You stay focused on your bottom line, while we keep you on-target and headache-free.
CMFI Group handles the specialized tasks of printing, warehousing, fulfilment, distribution and direct mail for your organisation.


Forms play an important role in your business. Every transaction involves the use of forms which need to be recorded – and most of the time in multiple copies of paper. Carbonless, laser, snap-set, invoices, receipts, inventory logs − whatever type y
Document Management
Digital and Commercial Printing
We provide dynamic printing solutions with speed, accuracy and quality.
We have a strong distribution and warehousing strategy that is critical for our clients’ success in today’s global environment. We offer reliable fulfillment services with accuracy and timeliness.
Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment
We always provide our clients the ability to manage, collaborate, and order products online.
At CMFI we offer accurate and timely shipping for our clients. For over 10 years we have shipped products around the globe. 
Global Shipping
Kit Development and Packaging
Here at CMFI we provide hand assembly services, and also can pack your custom kit products and deliver them on time and on budget!