Your brand is only half of the story.
Your customer base has to be there to receive the message of who you are – and how they will benefit from knowing you.
First, find the right customers for you, and second, help you keep them.
To develop the right strategy for your business, CMFI Group has two clear areas of focus.

With Whom Can We CONNECT YOU?

First, we identify your specific marketing objective, then we recommend the correct advertising medium to strategically target your key audience with the right message.
Outdoor and Signage
Billboards, benches, buildings, business vehicles and bus wraps. We can customize the placement of your signage for the maximum impact.
We have at our disposal a variety of on-line tools, all of which enable us to deliver a message customized to your target users’ particular interests and tastes.
Whether we use music, a vehicle, product sampling or guerrilla marketing, we develop and produce an “experience”  that gets you face-to-face with your key audience.
From time to time, we recognize the benefit of putting something tangible into the hands of your audience. By using our custom mailing lists to pinpoint your target customers, we can save money by reducing waste and being more efficient.
Direct Mail
In order to effectively promote your product in-store, let us create a customized POS display or shipper.
Corporate apparel, bags, pens, and many more promotional products are a creative way to attract new clients, increase br
Apparel and Promotional
Discovery and Strategy
After we determine the program objectives, we conduct a thorough analysis of your business, then set identifiable measures that will allow us to create a roadmap to achieve your desired goals.
We consider a variety of exhibit systems, such as portable, modular and custom-made, to create the look and functionality of your event. Let us design for you a trade show concept that best represents your brand in a creative and functional way.
When we develop your creative package design, we also take into account the functionality, environmental responsibility and practical handling of the product.